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Declaration of Principles

"We, the veterans of the war in Vietnam, who embraced through sacrifice and service to country the most fundamental and cherished bonds of our democracy, reaffirm that commitment to spirit and ideals, accepting it as the solemn responsibility of our survival, to bear the burden of what has been, so that what was once endured can never be forgotten."

And so do we resolve that the true measure of our worth as citizens, as veterans and as patriots be found in our willingness to draw from and abide by these strengths and convictions born of heritage and experience."

"To hold that a sacred and binding contract exists between governors and governed; with the latter recognizing an obligation of compulsory foreign or domestic policies that are clear, consistent and reflective of the will of the people."

"To hold further, that the contract extend with the Nation bound whenever and wherever appropriate to the prompt delivery of compensation to individuals or survivors in direct proportion to sacrifice and service rendered."

To honor with dignity the sacred memory of the war dead and so in dignity, ensure that the lasting legacy of the fallen is responsibility toward, not exploitation of, their sacrifice."

"To stand for cooperation, dialogue, and friendship among the nations of the world community with full respect and support of those principles central to our national life."

--VVA Constitution


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